You're tired of doing the same things and getting the same results.

You're ready for change. I bet you would also love to feel passionate about your life too. Like you actually live it, make things happen and watch synchronicities unfold as you go, and no longer let self doubt get in your way.

My name is Marie, and I thrive by guiding people who feel out of sync, to reconnect with their true power so they can create an amazing life they only dreamt was possible.

I’m a certified healer working with people all over the world, serving beautiful souls through Intuitive Mentoring, Alignment Healing, Success Alignment sessions,online courses and my weekly free inspiration. Click here to sign up so you don't miss out!

You can make anything happen when you realign with your authentic self, and co-create with the Big U and all the forceful beings of light.


The Thriving Empath

I learned that I’m an empath at the age of 27-28. So many pieces fell into place. I know it can feel like a curse, but I also know you can utilize it so it becomes a huge strength for you.

Want the techniques I use to be an empowered empath? Grab the Sensitive Soul Toolbox here. Grab the Sensitive Soul Toolbox here.

Being sensitive to energy means you can pick up way faster then most people when you are out of alignment or when you are in the flow. It makes you a master manifester. Own it.

You are powerful. It's time for you to take back that power. To get that much longed for clarity, focus and self confidence to rise as the true you.

I’m putting together a mini course for you, The Thriving Empath, where I will teach you the techniques I use to keep myself balanced throughout the day. Learn more here.


Transformational Sessions

Pain does not equal purpose, your purpose is to live with ease.

You have the right to thrive, to shine, to succeed.

Stop settling for less. Make your visions real!

In my different sessions, I help you realign with your desires. In my Alignment Healing sessions, I help you smash your limiting beliefs that are making you feel stuck. Learn more here.

Intuitive Mentoring is where I use my powerful intuition to see whats going on and what you need to focus on to move forward, and in my Success Alignment I combine to two types of session for optimal transformation!


Why I do what I do

So many things have lead my to where I am today. But the biggest shift happened when I realized I had underestimated my own and other peoples power. This is the time where I got real proof of how everything truly is energy. It was truly challenging, but I overcame it with the help of humans and angels....and after this, I decided it was time to stop playing small and embrace the inner goddess. The world need all the light-workers to step up! And we don't have to do it all alone... powerful beings of light are ready to assist us.

My new insight and respect for how much power we really have, made me sign up for a mentorship program so I could do it the "right" way. I'm now a certified professional psychic with my specialty in helping Sensitive Souls master their energy (so that they can create that magical life they may have been blocking),working with the Angelic Realm.

Want to find your Spiritual Gift, how you are personally wired to communicate with your Angels, and how to develop it further? Start the quiz here.

A Warrior for Love...

I genuinely care about helping people like you, make your vision real,because I know you will contribute to make the world a better place.

If I can help you transform your life by learning how to thrive as a Sensitive Soul and connect to the Angels, the ripple effect will be huge! And the more people I help, the bigger the the chances are for a brighter and safer world for everyone, including my kids, to grow up in. I don't believe in standing on the sideline, I believe in being a warrior for love. I believe in your power to create the life you desire, and the genius solutions that comes when connecting to Soul and higher powers.

Have faith in yourself, the Angels and the Universe, as much as you have faith in the sun will rise tomorrow morning. That is when the real magic happens!


A few fun facts

I love to travel, even though it can be overwhelming. It recharges me.

I really miss the Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream I had all the time while living in US (I’m from Norway).

When I was 5 years old, I told the hairdresser to keep cutting, because I loved sitting there, chatting... Lets say I learned a lesson.... That is the one time in my life I had short hair...

I’m a single mom with a passion for writing, and the first book I've written is a book about empowering mothers to be, and to make the transition easier.

My guilty pleasure? Dark chocolate...can't live without my dark chocolate.

Professional Bio

Marie S.O. shows Sensitive Souls how to rock their gifts, going from overwhelmed to confident and clear in direction. The sacred transformational work happens in Intuitive Mentoring Session, Angel Healing or through online courses. Find her at

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