Are you feeling stuck Overwhelmed? Not sure where to direct your energy to make things happen? Afraid you might be broken… or just on the wrong path.

First of all, trust me when I say you’re not alone about feeling this way. And, you’re not broken!

The thing is, we all have the ability to heal ourselves. But very often, we have a hard time locating and letting go of the resistance on our own.

That is why working with a healer is so powerful.

It can create massive shifts in your life, because when your energy shifts, your point of attraction shifts.

When you feel good, you will attract more to feel good about. And, you will feel more energized and ready to create whatever you got going on! 

What happens during a session


This is a distant healing, which is as effective as hands on healing.

The first thing I do, is to look at your energy field, your chakras.

The chakras are energy flows in your body. We all have them, but most people isn’t aware of them. These energy points reveals how you are doing. For example, Sensitive Souls, or Empaths, tend to have issues with the energy point in their belly, the Solar Plexus. 

When the energy flows with ease, you feel great. When there are blocks in your system, you can feel frustrated, worried, anxious disconnected and overwhelmed.

You could also be carrying old programmed limited beliefs from childhood, past lives or ancestors, holding you back from living the life you desire. We are being shaped by all of this, and society. No wonder we fall out of balance, right?

The beauty is that whatever is ready to be released, will show up, and together with the Angels, it will be transformed to a higher form of energy and released.


Why Working with Marie?

There is a ton of healers out there. Some extremely powerful, and it sadness me to say, some who do not hold the best intentions. 

If you are reading this, your angels most likely sent you to this page. Take a moment and feel if that resonates with you?

I’m a Sensitive Soul myself, I know the struggles. The anxiety, self doubt, boundaries issues and the importance of doing something that matters in the world.

As an empath tuning into your energy, I can feel your issues in my own body. When I heal it, I know when the energy is transformed, because I feel it shift. I work close with the Angels, and the healing session is truly transformational.

I’m also a Reiki Master, so I use Reiki to program crystals to keep sending you healing after I’m done doing my work. You can trust that everything I do, I do for the highest good.

What I want for you is for you to feel confident about where you are heading, and let yourself shine. No more more settling.

If you want to know more about how I discovered I have healing abilities, you can click here to watch a video where I share my journey.


Whats the next step?

  • You make a purchase
  • You schedule a time (so that you can choose a day where you know you will be resting well, it is a distant healing)
  • I will send you an email as soon as possible to ask you what your struggles are, and what you are ready to create/welcome into your life!
  • I read your chakras, clear them and receive messages how to keep them empowered.
  • I bring your soul to the Angelic realm, and they work their magic. (Yes, it is true magic.)
  • I will send you a MP3 file with the report after the session (includes the messages from your Angels)
  • This healing session also includes several follow up mini session if needed over the period of 3 weeks to make sure the new energy stabilize and you feel balanced and ready.

This is what Liz said about the experience:

It was such a blessing to work with Marie. She clearly approaches her work with an accepting kindness and desire to help people live more fully. Growing up in a religious family, I’ve always feared the metaphysical world and the unknown. I communicated this to Marie, and she was reassuring and set my mind at ease in a way that made me feel comfortable and open to the process. While I was skeptical about the idea of being read and healed by someone I didn’t know from far away, I was amazed by how quickly and accurately she used her strong intuition to “get” me. Within days of receiving the healing, I noticed a shift within myself. For the past year, I’d been increasingly going into an introverted “shell,” and now I’m noticing people holding doors for me, I’m enthusiastically saying hi to strangers and striking up conversations, and really enjoying connecting with others. Oh yeah, and three days after our session I manifested a brand new coaching client, as if out of nowhere. Magical! I most definitely recommend working with Marie, as it would be a meaningful investment in yourself.


Note: This is a distant healing. You do not have to be right next to me in order to receive healing. Seriously, time and space does not matter. Healing travels. My spirit team make sure that I connect with your energy. If you for some reason should not feel anything, no shift, no nothing, I provide a money back guarantee!


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