Does this sound familiar?

-Your lack of confidence in your own intuitive knowing, is keeping you from moving forward in making your dreams real.

-Prognostication is your middle name, because you are a perfectionist, and therefore you criticise yourself way too much

-When inspiration hits you, you feel great, until you overload and clarity is no longer present.


You’re not alone about feeling this way… take a deep breath.


You long for…

-A long lasting, deep-rooted transformation that will bust through the blocks that keeps you from making your vision real

Hearing and trusting in your own intuition

-Feeling powerful and authentic, being “just” you

-A touch of magic in your everyday life


Hi! I’m Marie. I serve people who are ready to make their vision real, by allowing higher powers to assist. I help them transform limiting beliefs, and connect with their intuition and angels.

Through inspiring blog posts, books and online courses, I’m here to help you gain confidence in your own power, clarity in direction and show you how to work with a dream team of Angels to excel you on your path, while making it all feel like a new dance.

When I´m not doing alchemy by transforming energy, writing and channeling messages for people reaching for their dreams, I daydream about places I want to visit, while sneaking some dark chocolate in the kitchen, hiding from my three kids who play loudly in the living room.


So, what brought me to where I am today?

Well, I guess I can say that its a number of events that has lead up to running a business where the main focus is angels and transformation. One of the major ones was loosing people near to my heart at an early age (read the full My Story here).

I tried to ignore all the signs…oh I ignored them so well that I had a paaaainful rash on my hands, that magically went away when I started to listen to my inner voice telling me to heal people.

I had been given many signs that I was supposed to work with Angels, but I needed one more. A really clear one! One night as I was getting ready to go to bed, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror, asking for a clear sign. The very next morning, a white feather laid on the bathroom floor. I was the last to leave the room, and the first to get up. I wish I had taken a picture! I was so blown away I forgot.

Why I do what I do

My intention is to wake people up to see how powerful they are, before a tragic event or any form of crises does. Because that is usually what happens, am I right?

I believe that the more people who connect to their authentic self and follow their dreams to make a difference, the better the world would get.

Imagine if we had all felt unconditionally loved… Imagine that peace in the world.

I want my children to grow up in a place where the main focus is love, not fear.

And last but not least, we have to realize that we don’t have to do it all alone. There is so much good power in this world, and the Angels are here to help us. We just got to let them…

“Always be yourself. Let your true power shine, because that is what the world really wants to see.”

Marie Ohnstad





A few facts

I am from Norway (in Europe)

I am the mother of three (a pair of twins) gorgeous girls who are my greatest teachers (you know what that means…) and a hubby.

As a child, I used to write just for the fun of it (I journaled from I could write my own name!).

I have a bachelor in Hotel and Travel Management (because I love to travel, yes, but thats where it stopped).

I can't tie my shoes like "normal" people do. I have my own way of doing it!

Professional bio

Marie Ohnstad, is an Angel messenger, writer and healer. She brings over encouraging and healing messages from your Angels, to guide you on your life path. If you want to connect with your inner genius, your angels and manifesting the life you desire, Marie can help.

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