Intuitive Mentoring

I’m a Sensitive Soul myself, I know the struggles.

The anxiety, self doubt, boundaries issues and the feeling of doing something that matters in the world. It’s super important that you find clarity and follow your own flow, because if you feel out of alignment, everything will fall out of alignment.

You have a great potential.

You matter to this world.

You feel the calling to make your vision real.

To create a life that feels fantastic.

Now is the time.

In my Intuitive Mentoring session, I use my natural skills as an Empath, to tune in and feel whats going on. Along with my life experience as a Sensitive Soul, I bring you intuitive guidance regarding your concerns.

What I want for you, is to not just think about your dreams, but to live them.

I want you to feel confident and inspired to take action!

Here is what to do: Click the Paypal button below, and once the payment is through, you will be sent to a link where you can schedule you session. Make sure you are booking from your timezone. The session is 45 minutes, only $90  and happens through Skype. Look forward to connecting with you!

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