It was such a blessing to work with Marie. She clearly approaches her work with an accepting kindness and desire to help people live more fully. Growing up in a religious family, I’ve always feared the metaphysical world and the unknown. I communicated this to Marie, and she was reassuring and set my mind at ease in a way that made me feel comfortable and open to the process. While I was skeptical about the idea of being read and healed by someone I didn’t know from far away, I was amazed by how quickly and accurately she used her strong intuition to “get” me. Within days of receiving the healing, I noticed a shift within myself. For the past year, I’d been increasingly going into an introverted “shell,” and now I’m noticing people holding doors for me, I’m enthusiastically saying hi to strangers and striking up conversations, and really enjoying connecting with others. Oh yeah, and three days after our session I manifested a brand new coaching client, as if out of nowhere. Magical! I most definitely recommend working with Marie, as it would be a meaningful investment in yourself.



I had the pleasure to receive a angel healing for Marie and it was incredible. From the first contact with Marie, I felt supported and safe and then when she did the work, it was really a very beautiful experience. But it didn't stop there. The actual reading that Marie shared was so on the money, it wasn't funny and she delivered it to me in a way that was so helpful and kind. And there is still more! Marie then checked in with me several times to make sure I was ok and to see what was coming up for me. She went far beyond what I was expecting. If you have the chance to work with Marie, do not hesitate! You will love it!



Wow! Synchronicities abound! The occurrences in the days preceding my angel reading, were noted upon in the message I received through Marie. Some answers to recent questions I had previously sought (both in meditation and everyday life) unexpectedly revealed themselves in an articulately presented, kind and gentle manner by Marie. Much of the information resonated with my heart in the form of "truth tears". I was pleasantly surprised at how my internal feelings were validated through this experience. This reading has helped me feel empowered to move forward with confidence in trusting my intuition, further cultivating my relationship with my higher self. Communication with Marie before and after my reading has been prompt, caring, and fulfilling. Sending gratitude and love. Thank you

~Jennifer C.


Marie delivered such a caring and loving message of healing and hope. She does a wonderful job giving messages that have true meaning and aren’t just general. I was amazed that at the same time I was worrying about a situation, she got a message to stop worrying about the solution! There is no way she could have known that unless she was legit. I highly recommend Marie as she has a true gift of helping heal.



Marie gave me a solid confirmation on things that I have felt build up, things that have been laying under the surface and pushed away. It´s so good to be clearly reminded of what I am really supposed to do in life. Marie also has a very good intuition, she pointed her finger at stuff she never could have known, with great clarity. She is also a very easy going person and easy to talk to, with insightful and easy steps and advices to implement balance in my inner life.



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